Updates to the Altalink Workplace Assistants

Xerox has long been an industry leader when it comes to multifunction printers. But beyond producing reliable products, Xerox also takes the threat of cyber-attacks very seriously. A new software update to Altalink Workplace Assistants not only helps lock down network security, but improves the user experience with the goal of increasing productivity.

3 Best Practices when Printing Digital

3 Best Practices when Printing Digital

Whether for personal use or as part of a professional job, creators who use a digital printer or digital press should make sure they’re following best practices to ensure the best output. Here are three best practices to keep your print game the best it can be:

1. Escape Two Dimensions

Digital printing can do more than print flat images. Advanced machines can handle various coatings, scoring and more. When creating a piece, graphic designers should do what they can to think outside two dimensions.

2. Work on Your Design Skills

Simplify Your Content Management

Document management remains one of the most challenging aspects of any content management system. How to store documents so that you and our colleagues can easily view, download, share and approve them is one of the bigger challenges of a CMS. Happily, there are ways to simplify your content organization and enjoy greater efficiency and opportunities for workplace collaboration and success.

Making Security and Productivity Your Priorities

Ever wish you could make security and productivity your business priorities without putting too much time, thought and money into the process? Now's your chance. Xerox's future-focused developments to AltaLink Workplace Assistants are available to you with a free software download.

Increased Peace of Mind

Protection and surveillance are at the forefront of today's business practices and prosperity. On a daily basis, information breaches cost individuals and businesses time, money and momentum.

Apps for the Next Generation

For millennials, members of Generation Z, and even small children, touchscreen apps are a way of life. They interact with them four hours every day, whether to play games, get the latest news, check social media, or for practical purposes like banking and home security and automation.

More and more, companies are seeing the value in business apps. As their workforce begins to integrate these younger generations, they expect to work with them. But they don’t simply cater to young people; they can streamline workflows to increase efficiency and productivity, even security!

Change Your Business With Printer Apps

Change Your Business With Printer Apps

Printers can change the way that you run your business. This is especially true if you are digitizing business-critical processes. While the transition towards digital continues to grow, there are still processes that require paper. Business apps help bridge the gap between technology and the physical world. You need to balance between both.

Apps for Every Business Type

Any size business can benefit from printing apps. The point of apps is to be able to create a more productive workplace. Here are some of the types of apps that your business can take advantage of using:

Why Use A Managed Print Service Provider?

As much as businesses are embracing the digital world, there is still a large need for printing physical documents. From internal printing needs to large client-facing projects, the need for quality, cost-effective printing remains. To meet their printing needs, many organizations are turning to managed print services (MPS). However, even as this trend grows, there are other organizations who have no idea what MPS is or how they can benefit from it.

How To Survive In A Tech-Driven World?

Cybersecurity is not only a necessity for your overall business security, but it’s also an obligation to your clients. It must be viewed as a priority and addressed with the utmost fervor. Here are a few ways your organization can prepare itself to take on the challenges of a tech-driven world where security risks loom at every turn.

Use Big Tech to Watch Your Business Grow

Use Big Tech to Watch Your Business Grow

When it comes to your small business, you should be integrating technology to boost your productivity and marketing. Here are some ways you can use apps in your business.

Apps for Productivity

With technology, you can do more with less effort. For instance, you can translate documents, scan documents and share files among each other with ease. The truth is that there is an app for almost everything. Technology makes your life easier.

Tips to Increase Your Cyber Security

How much do you know about cyber security? The biggest risks to any business in the technological age are cyber threats. The best way to deal with cyber threats is through preventative measures. Your business security should be of the utmost importance. Here are some tips to increase your cyber security.

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