The Best Way To Print Large Jobs

It’s the middle of the day in your busy and hectic office and you’re waiting for the whirr of the printer to die down, so you can print your 1000 pages of documents without getting in the way of your coworkers. However, you know that, inevitably, someone else will need to print while you are and you’re sure to get a dirty look or two as you head to the printer to pick up your copies.

Thanks to office technology and the delay print feature, this problem is a thing of the past. If you have a print job that’s going to take hours, you can set it to print at a time when no one’s in the office to be bothered. All you need to do is open the document you want to print and select “print”. Check to make sure that you have the Xerox printer selected and click “printer properties.” In the “Job Type” field, select the option for “Delay Print.” Then you can enter whatever time you want the job to print. When you arrive to work the next morning, your documents will be ready and waiting for you.

With this feature, not only will you no longer be monopolizing the printer during busy hours, but you won’t have to stay late at the office, waiting on documents to print.