Document Analytics to Improve Your Processes

Document Analytics to Improve Your Processes

Has your business tapped into the benefits of document analytics? If not, you are missing out on important information that can help you streamline business processes and save money, too. Your managed print services provider is the perfect partner for tackling this job, which involves the very materials they manage for you, documents.

Existing Documents

Document analysis is just what it sounds like; the examination of existing documents. It is important to understand how organizations, and the business units within them, function and how they use documents. An analyst should look at a variety of information, including:

  • Business plans
  • System defects
  • Client contracts
  • Company memos
  • Requests for proposals

Additional Information

During an analysis, managed print services collect data from print jobs and other devices such as faxes and copiers used by the company. This helps identify the processes that require the most paper, how and why documents are filed or not filed and in general, provides further insight into your company business practices.

Action Plan

This deeper understanding of your company is used by a managed print services provider to inform suggestions for increasing efficiency and productivity, condensing file storage and related costs and offering options to data collection still done by hand. With this valuable information, you have the tools in your hand to make an action plan.