Expanding Your Printer's Capabilities

Expanding Your Printer's Capabilities

Gone are the days of printers that can only accomplish the single task of printing paper. Today, the best small business printers have multifunctional properties that act as convenient copiers, scanners, and faxing machines that can expand the horizons of your organization. With various features to promote collaboration and increased productivity, all in one printers can boost your business's capabilities.

Mobile Solutions

One feature increasing in popularity is mobile printing. Mobile printing helps simplify workflows by allowing employees to print documents directly from smartphones and tablets. No more transferring documents from your mobile device to your computer to print. Now you can enable your employees to print more efficiently.

Robust Security

If your business has to print documents that contain sensitive information, you can relax more with certain security-enabled small business printers. Certain security features include encryption, print job deletion, and confidentiality measures to protect from data breaches.

Better for Business

If you have a multifunction printer at your office, you should take advantage of all its capabilities. You may not even be aware of all that your printer can accomplish. Technology advancements have greatly expanded what small business printers can do for your workplace. Learn how to utilize your printer's features to make your business more productive, simplified, and efficient.