Saving Time with Business Apps

Saving Time with Business Apps

It seems like there is always a new app trending, usually for social media or for entertainment of some kind. Strangely enough, there often isn’t a lot of change in technology at places of business for workflow solutions. Luckily, there are more and more new apps coming out that are designed to help with workflow problems like secure data sending, or digital material sharing.

Sharing Securely

Most businesses operate with the help of many employees and in most cases, those employees need to work as a team, sharing documents and information to work as a unit. There are now some incredible workflow solutions available, like the Mywork Webex Team Connector App, that allows co-workers to share paper documents by converting them into PDF files. Whether a meeting is being held in person or virtually, this is the fastest and most secure way to share files.

Easy Set Up

With just a few simple steps, your team can have the Xerox App Gallery. This is a system that allows you to:

  • Add, remove, and organize tools in a custom gallery.
  • Connect your Xerox MFP to the cloud for easy access.
  • Customize apps for your needs.

There is an abundance of new workflow solutions available in app form for businesses everywhere.

When you have the tools to streamline your daily tasks, you have the tools to succeed.