Tuesday Tips: Why You May Need a Print Assessment

Why You May Need a Print AssessmentMost businesses take their managed print services for granted. However, it can be worth it in the long run to conduct a comprehensive print assessment once in a while. This will show you exactly how you are using the system, so you can make improvements as necessary.


Cutting back on expenses is a common reason for assessing print services. By knowing how much you are spending on your printer, which includes the cost of toner, paper and other essential components, you can budget better and identify superfluous spending to save money.

Strategic Considerations

As a business, it could be beneficial if you could tell your clientele that you operate as environmentally-friendly as possible. By better understanding how your company uses printer and ink, you can locate areas to cut back on wasteful habits, so you do your part for the planet.

Multiple Locations

Your departments should work well with one another. Part of that entails ensuring they are all connected. Even though the printer will be located in a certain area, all of your company’s factions should have equal access to it at all times.

Conduct a thorough print assessment once every few months to see how your business’s operations are being conducted. You might be amazed at all the ways you can cut back on wasteful spending.