Going Digital in Your Office

Going Digital in Your Office

Conversations about digital transformation are occurring in every corner of small to medium-sized businesses, from the breakroom to the executive offices. For some, going digital in your office may mean updating office technology. In other cases, it may be considered a profound business transformation. Utilizing a mix of new technologies can enable organizations to be agile in the marketplace with streamlined processes and an innovative mindset. 

Tuesday Tips: Using Tech to Boost Your Office Productivity

Using Tech to Boost Your Office Productivity

Gone are the days when people had to be physically in their offices in order to get any work done. Today’s technology makes it possible to work from home, on a plane, in coffee shops, or wherever you and your phone and/or laptop or tablet happen to be. The result is increased office productivity since work need not be confined to traditional office hours.

Today your multifunction printer can join the tech revolution, too. Xerox has four apps that make your life easier and your productivity soar:

Tuesday Tips: Why You Need to Digitize Your Business

Why You Need to Digitize Your Business

With technology being a requirement for business efficiency in today’s world, it is natural to assume that companies should take the steps needed for digitization. This process allows you to improve document management, enhance security and boost overall productivity.

Save Time and Money

Documents and other business processes that are digital are just faster and easier. You can quickly locate information, input and store new information and organize all files. Since you are saving time, you are reducing overhead which saves money.

Tuesday Tips: MPS Takes Your Business to the Next Level

MPS Takes Your Business to the Next Level

As a business owner you’re trained to rigorously watch your bottom line. It might surprise you to learn that you could be missing a significant opportunity to save money and operate more efficiently. Cloud based managed print services can take your business to a new level.

Tuesday Tips: Start Thinking About Printing Your Marketing Materials In-House

Start Thinking About Printing Your Marketing Materials In-House

You can cut huge printing costs by printing the marketing materials yourself. Using your own copiers to produce them saves you money and gives you more control over the final outcome. To produce professional quality materials, you must make sure you have the best materials, the best equipment and the best resources to do the job.

Tuesday Tips: What to Expect From Managed Print Services

What to Expect From Managed Print Services

There was a time, not too long ago, when only select computers in an office connected to printers. As times changed and technology improved and became cheaper, more and more printers appeared in the office place until every desk had a printer on it. Managed Print Services is a revolutionary new to reorganize your office space to maximize your printing capabilities while reducing your printer requirements.

3 Key Concepts to Increase the Effectiveness of Managed Print Services

3 Key Concepts to Increase the Effectiveness of Managed Print Services

If you’ve decided to implement a managed print services (MPS) program, there are a few important factors to consider. Many companies do not think about how an MPS program will impact document workflow and information management. Consider the following factors to avoid unhappy and unproductive employees.

Tuesday Tips - Can You Improve Print Efficiency?

Print Efficiency

The best way to print efficiently is to start with the printer itself. Finding the best model for your business needs ensures energy efficiency, reduces waste, and saves money. Start by assessing what you will be printing, how much you will be printing, and how many employees will be using the printer.

Ink jet printers are still the most popular, affordable, and versatile options on the market, although color laser printers have become much more cost effective. Look for high-efficiency and/or high-capacity models for mass printing.

Tuesday Tips: Easy to Use Printers

Easy to Use Printers

Most people have had the experience of wanting to upgrade a piece of technology, but been unsure if it was worth the learning curve to use the new bells and whistles. This is even more true with business equipment when your staff needs to be able to get their work done. The new Xerox multi-function printers are so easy to use, you no longer have this dilemma.

Tuesday Tips - What Key Benefits Come with Managed Print?

Managed Print Services

Many businesses rely on managed print services (MPS) to keep things running smoothly. But what exactly are the primary benefits of having your printers managed? Let's take a look:

The Basics of MPS

MPS essentially take all the guess work out of your print and copy needs. Outsourcing your print services frees up your in-house personnel to focus on other areas, such as IT and operations. Your contracted print manager handles all of your equipment needs, from service and repairs to supply management.

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