3 Considerations Before Investing in Production Printers


Does your business do a lot of high volume printing with high resolution graphics and finishing? If so, odds are good that you are already using a production printer. But, if you answered 'yes' and are not using a production printer in-house, it's time to consider making the switch to on-site production print.

Top 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services


Managed print services are becoming crucial to business success. While managed print might seem obvious to some, it's not the most glamorous aspect of digitizing your business, so sometimes it can be overlooked. However, if you know that your business uses too much paper and spends way too much on printing, managed print is the answer.

4 Reasons Document Management is Critical in Health Care Practices


Health care practices have the primary goal of efficiently and effectively serving patients. However, any practice is still a business and needs the right business services, functions, and equipment in order to best serve patients and families, and work efficiently with health care partners like insurance companies and hospitals.

When is it Time to Replace Your Copier?


How often do you see employees using the copier and get up to use it yourself? Probably several times per day, and the copier is often busy if you're like most businesses. From printing and duplicating handouts, brochures, forms, and contracts, the copier is the most frequently used machine in the office, and it needs to be reliable, functional, and efficient.


3 Unknown Multifunction Printer Security Risks


Printers are the overlooked security risk in your office. From hard copy print outs to hard drives with data, information saved to network connections, your printer is just as integrated in your office and your security needs as your computers, network, and software.

Switching to a New Managed IT Provider


Once you establish your managed IT strategy, it might be hard to think about switching. But just like anything, if your managed IT isn't working out for you - or if you're questioning the investment - it's time to switch.

Managed IT should be a solid, reliable team of experts that helps you with security, monitoring, data information, accessibility, disaster recovery plans, software upgrades, and more. If you're not getting the best from your current vendor, it might be time to work with someone else.


Why You Need to Digitize Your Business

Why You Need to Digitize Your Business

With technology being a requirement for business efficiency in today’s world, it is natural to assume that companies should take the steps needed for digitization. This process allows you to improve document management, enhance security and boost overall productivity.

Save Time and Money

Documents and other business processes that are digital are just faster and easier. You can quickly locate information, input and store new information and organize all files. Since you are saving time, you are reducing overhead which saves money.

Scanning vs. Digitizing

Have you ever heard the words "scanning" and "digitizing" used interchangeably? Well, the truth is that, although these terms are similar, there's a significant difference--so today, we're going to take a closer look at these two staples of document management.

One Big Difference

Document management is all about precision--in your habits, in your workflows, and your visibility and control of data. It only makes sense that document management would emphasize precise
definitions, too. Let's find out the real meaning of two crucial solutions: scanning and digitizing.

4 Reasons Document Management Equals Sustainability

By 2020, it is appropriate that many businesses would have the goal of increasing sustainability across the organization. 

Most customers expect that the companies they support care about their carbon footprint and make an effort toward increased sustainability – and because many companies have been outspoken about doing so, consumers are prepared to take their business elsewhere. More than ever, customers support companies that have a voice and take a stance, and sustainability is the leading cause that customers support. 

4 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

Remote work is experiencing a boom due to social distancing and the global pandemic. Still, you may have also noticed that cybersecurity threats, hacks, and other issues are having another boom. 

Hackers immediately recognized opportunities during the remote work boom, which changed the way that many people worked and how companies managed the effort. While there will always be the dark side of the cyber world, you can set up your remote working efforts for success and safety with a few simple tips and the right cybersecurity partner.

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