Addressing Document Management Issues in Education

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The way that education processes and stores confidential, secure, and essential information has been changing for a long time. If you've been waiting to see the outcome of these changes before investing in your educational institution, we're finally there.

Document management is a service that creates organized, digital storage of documents and files and makes them easy to search, access, and secure. It's a critical service for any organization that deals with personal information, but the savings will echo across all aspects of any educational institution.

5 New Facts about Copiers

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Copiers are not the forgotten machine of past decades - they are just as useful now as ever before. Copiers help us distribute materials, communicate information, and share plans with potential clients. Copiers have a critical role in any business. There are also some effective uses for copiers that you may not know - read on for those new factoids.


Is Managed Print the Best Business Move for You?

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Managed print services are a business-saving tool. The comprehensive print oversight will evaluate your current print environment using a print audit, recommend policy and solutions, analyze your spending and budget, and get a handle on your printers and print use.

Better Printer Security Comes with Quality Multifunction Printers

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Your office multifunction printer has a significant impact on operations. From security to finishing features, you need the piece of equipment that gets everything done.

If an emphasis on security with your multifunction printer is new, it's not something to overlook. Since network printers are directly integrated into your office networks, you need the same security - if not more - than you have on devices.

Also, the output of printers is something to notice. Who has access to those documents? It's a bigger privacy risk than you may think.

Stay on Top of Organization in Your Office

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If your office is feeling a little cluttered as your entire employee team comes back, you're not the only one. You've been shifting to an entirely digital world and using new levels of organization as you adapt and work remote for the last year. Now, you may look around and realize...your office could use a digital update and some organizational help.

Make Your Workflows Sustainable with Advanced Workflow Solutions

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Considering the environment is an issue for every person and every company, and it's been going on for a long time. Now, businesses are finding new ways to be more environmentally friendly in their companies and their industries, while still keeping the company running - sometimes even better than before.


Tips to Keep Your Multifunction Printer Running

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Your office operates using essential equipment all the time - computers, internet, network connections, and of course your multifunction printer.
Having an outage of any kind is incredibly impactful and can create productivity issues in your office. That's why you'll want to follow some simple tips to keep your office equipment running smoothly.


Advanced Office Solutions Start with Managed Print

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Managed print moves your office one major step closer to streamlined operations and simple, effective answers for expenses. You can outsource your print and save up to 30% on print costs - which is a huge deal because almost two-thirds of print expenses come in after you purchase the machine.

Managed print, in a nutshell, will organize, oversee, and improve your entire office print environment while providing a reliable print budget. It's a win for everyone.

5 Need to Know Facts About Your Copiers


Using a copy machine is not rocket science, but it is something where people can get frustrated by expecting immediate, perfect delivery of a project without always understanding the machine.


3 Ways a Digital Workflow Can Boost Your Business

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We're moving into a new decade with more digital options than ever before. Think about it - two years ago, would anyone have expected the shift to remote work that we saw this year, which launched many businesses headfirst into the all-digital realm?

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