Scanning vs. Digitizing

Have you ever heard the words "scanning" and "digitizing" used interchangeably? Well, the truth is that, although these terms are similar, there's a significant difference--so today, we're going to take a closer look at these two staples of document management.

One Big Difference

Document management is all about precision--in your habits, in your workflows, and your visibility and control of data. It only makes sense that document management would emphasize precise
definitions, too. Let's find out the real meaning of two crucial solutions: scanning and digitizing.

4 Reasons Document Management Equals Sustainability

By 2020, it is appropriate that many businesses would have the goal of increasing sustainability across the organization. 

Most customers expect that the companies they support care about their carbon footprint and make an effort toward increased sustainability – and because many companies have been outspoken about doing so, consumers are prepared to take their business elsewhere. More than ever, customers support companies that have a voice and take a stance, and sustainability is the leading cause that customers support. 

4 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

Remote work is experiencing a boom due to social distancing and the global pandemic. Still, you may have also noticed that cybersecurity threats, hacks, and other issues are having another boom. 

Hackers immediately recognized opportunities during the remote work boom, which changed the way that many people worked and how companies managed the effort. While there will always be the dark side of the cyber world, you can set up your remote working efforts for success and safety with a few simple tips and the right cybersecurity partner.

Managed IT in Manufacturing

Managed IT is one of those solutions that can fit into any industry, flawlessly adapting to the unique requirements and challenges that you face. Manufacturing, of course, is no exception.

Let's find out what managed IT can do for companies in the manufacturing industry!

Why Managed IT?

There are all kinds of industry-specific business solutions out there, so why should you choose one that could technically work for any industry? When you select managed IT, are you signing up for some "one size fits all" solution that will only partially address your needs?

4 Invaluable Printer Fixes

Fixing Your Printer

Printing documents is part of everyday business. While most of the time it is quick and easy, when there are snags, it wastes time and causes headaches. Keep things running smoothly with these four simple tips for fixing your printer.

Top Five Tips for Wi-Fi Security

Tuesday Tips

These days, almost all public spaces -- especially coffee shops and restaurants -- offer free wireless access to customers. While free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots may seem like little gifts from Internet heaven, it is important to be vigilant when using them.

Just as Wi-Fi hotspot use has increased, so have related cyber-security breaches and thefts. Criminals stay abreast of technology so they can steal your data without you even realizing it.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Tuesday Tip

The terms "cloud" and "cloud storage" are ubiquitous with technology these days. Most people are familiar with iPhone's famous iCloud as well as other cloud-based storage options for data, such as DropBox. But what exactly is the cloud and how can it help your business?

What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services?

Tuesday Tips

“Why do I need Managed Print Services? There’s nothing wrong with how people print in my office. It’s not like it’s some complicated procedure.”

These thoughts may run through your head when you hear about Xerox Managed Print Services. This line of thinking is certainly understandable. However, a lot more may go into your printing processes than you realize. And it could cost your business a lot of money and resources.

Take Your Documents Digital

Tuesday Tips

Some organizations can take a certain comfort or sense of security from handling paper files. In a way, this makes sense. After all, people have used physical documents of some form or another for centuries.

However, that sense of security can prove deceptive. Thanks to technological advances such as document management software, converting your paper documents to electronic formats can help ensure that things run smoothly in your office. Here are some reasons why you should consider going digital with your documents.

Get More Work Done with Mobile Solutions

Tuesday Tips

It’s no secret that the Internet, smartphones and other advances in technology have changed the way we live our lives. These advances have greatly improved the way we work as well.

With mobile printing solutions from Xerox, you can get more work done even while you’re away from the office. Here are some ways your business can benefit from these products.

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