3 Unknown Multifunction Printer Security Risks


Printers are the overlooked security risk in your office. From hard copy print outs to hard drives with data, information saved to network connections, your printer is just as integrated in your office and your security needs as your computers, network, and software.

Why is print security overlooked? Because it seems pretty harmless, until you realize all that is at risk. If your print environment isn't secured, you can still lose data and information through hacks, hard drive breaches, or personal transfer of data. Time to make sure your print environment is protected too!

Printer Security Matters

Print security means making sure your multifunction printer is secured, the hard drive is wiped and protected, and employees use security measures regularly. It is critical to keeping your business in operation.

Surprising Risks

Risks look different based on the device - and with the printer, they can be surprising.

Print security risks for a multifunction printer in an office include:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Reconfiguration
  • Data theft
  • Compromised printers
  • Network access
  • Documents getting in the wrong hands.

You can get ahead of risks by using encryption, changing passwords, updating your printers, and checking on software, network, and hard drive security regularly. Printer security isn't too difficult, but it is essential for protecting your business and continuity of operations.

Protect Your Data

Print data is the same as office data, business data...you get the idea. Printer security is business security and it's important to focus on. Get the print security solutions you need from Best Office Solutions today.