Apps for the Next Generation

For millennials, members of Generation Z, and even small children, touchscreen apps are a way of life. They interact with them four hours every day, whether to play games, get the latest news, check social media, or for practical purposes like banking and home security and automation.

More and more, companies are seeing the value in business apps. As their workforce begins to integrate these younger generations, they expect to work with them. But they don’t simply cater to young people; they can streamline workflows to increase efficiency and productivity, even security!

The Xerox ConnectKey Interface

The Xerox ConnectKey is a touchscreen designed to be tablet-like that is features several business apps which can run AltaLink and VersaLink network printers. The Xerox App Gallery populates the screen, and is customizable to allow users to put their favorite and most used apps up front.


The Xerox ConnectKey also uses both industry-standard and proprietary security measures to protect and clear sensitive data. The ConnectKey allows users secure access to their business documents when they log on with their IDs. This also provides authentication. Malware and cyber-attacks are recognized and detected, with features that will rest security measures that unauthorized users attempt to change.

Business apps are the best of both worlds for companies of all sizes: efficient and secure!