Making Security and Productivity Your Priorities

Ever wish you could make security and productivity your business priorities without putting too much time, thought and money into the process? Now's your chance. Xerox's future-focused developments to AltaLink Workplace Assistants are available to you with a free software download.

Increased Peace of Mind

Protection and surveillance are at the forefront of today's business practices and prosperity. On a daily basis, information breaches cost individuals and businesses time, money and momentum.

Developments to Xerox's Workplace Assistants now let you stay on the pulse of your top-priority access settings.

These developments let you deal with unpermitted changes and handily thwart security violations. As an administrator, you can oversee the compliance requirements of a number of access settings. If unpermitted changes occur, a built-in governor resets them to a default state.

Greater Efficiency in Business Processes

AltaLink's new features include a time-saving one-touch app, a "fleet orchestrator" that delivers upgrades and configuration changes to your devices at the same time, and a home screen you can customize to your needs and habits. These upgrades to user experience can contribute to an uptick in time savings and productivity.

In sum, Xerox's Workplace Assistants bring you increased security and efficiency in your daily management and business dealings and set the scene for greater employee contributions.