Simplify Your Content Management

Document management remains one of the most challenging aspects of any content management system. How to store documents so that you and our colleagues can easily view, download, share and approve them is one of the bigger challenges of a CMS. Happily, there are ways to simplify your content organization and enjoy greater efficiency and opportunities for workplace collaboration and success.

Cloud-Based Solution

Utilizing high-speed cloud connectivity, Xerox has rolled out DocuShare Flex, its management platform for content. With the help of the accompanying app, users can easily work, collaborate and perform business functions, no matter whether they're in the office, at home or out in the field. System Integration

DocuShare Flex already integrates with DocuSign, while QuickBooks Online and are also in scope for the cloud CMS. Users will be able to work seamlessly between DocuShare Flex and their chosen platform thanks to the syncing of data and workflows.

Designed for enterprise and smaller businesses, DocuShare Flex provides simpler content management process and increased speed and security for users. It also boasts add-ons such as new Webforms, provisions for assignments and approvals when users are out of the office, and an accounts payable toolkit that is customizable. As you can see, document management has come a long way.