Tuesday Tips: Do Your Printers Have to Hinder Your Productivity?

Do Your Printers Have to Hinder Your Productivity?

The simple answer is ‘No!’ While printers may traditionally have been a hang up to getting your work done in one fell swoop, this is no longer the case. Xerox’s new line of printers and multifunctional devices are equipped with new technology that is designed to streamline in ways that were previously only interesting notions.

Tablet-like Technology

The screens on the new devices are tablet-like, giving you the ease of use that a mobile device provides. The touch screen interface makes it easy to navigate through the cloud-based apps to find your documents to print. Set up the interface based on the apps your workers need to access most for simple and quick access.

Plug-and-play Setup

The new line of printers is designed to be functional by simply plugging them in. This is especially important and helpful for organizations with a small to no IT team that can oversee the process of adding a new printer to the fleet.

Secure Printing and Scanning

Keep your information, documents and data secure end to end – don’t sacrifice security when printing or scanning. Encrypted, confidential printing offers security from both internal and external threats.

Newer devices come with features that are great for boosting productivity and eliminating headache-inducing printer struggles. Read more.