Tuesday Tips: Improve Workflow by Using Your Own Devices

Improve Workflow by Using Your Own Devices | Best Office Solutions

Gone are the days of claustrophobia-inducing cubicles, large desktop computers and landline telephones. Today’s offices take advantage of open floor plans, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in order to give employees more freedom and flexibility. However, many small businesses are boosting office productivity and taking advantage of the latest technological advances by going a step further and allowing employees to use their own devices at the office.

The Way of the Future

Currently, 71 percent of small businesses have policies in place that allow the use of personal devices for business purposes. These policies allow employees to connect their tablets, mobile phones and laptops directly to the company’s network. The average employee saves around 37 minutes a week by using their own device, and some have reported saving anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a week.

Why It Works

You might be thinking a phone is a phone, or a computer is a computer, so why does using your own device at work make such a difference? The familiarity a person has with his or her own device and the added flexibility to work from anywhere are just two of the many reasons people find themselves getting more done in less time.

Using your own devices at work has proven a key component in increasing office productivity, especially in small business environments. Join the growing trend, and discover the benefits for yourself.