Tuesday Tips: Making a Copier Purchase

Making a Copier Purchase | Best Office Solutions

Buying office equipment for your office can be a hassle and intimidating experience if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly. From copy/image quality to print speed, there are many varying factors that will influence which machine to choose. Narrow down your options based on the following business needs and factors:

Organization Size

For larger offices, it makes sense to invest in a printer or copier with higher print speeds and a larger paper tray. When more people are printing and making more copies, you will need speed to avoid a backup and larger paper trays to keep from constantly refilling them.

Type of Prints

For organizations that print brochures, flyers or other documents with large images, you will want to invest in a printer or copier with high resolution to preserve the images and put out the highest quality documents possible.

Support Available

For offices with limited IT support staff, it makes the most sense to invest in an all-in-one printer or a device with a universal interface. With these devices, you will have less equipment to service and a smaller learning curve for support.

These are just a few considerations to make before purchasing a new piece of equipment for your office. Contact us for more information on how to select the right copier or printer.