Tuesday Tips: Solving Problems You May Have With Your Printer

Solving Problems You May Have With Your Printer | Best Office Solutions

Printing out physical documents is essential for numerous organizations. Your workers likely rely on the printer and copier every single day, so when issues arise, it can be a true hassle. There are various ways to solve common problems, but one thing to consider is to simply get a multifunction printer for the office.

Issues Printing

When you send something to be printed, you expect it to happen without error. However, connectivity issues or an outdated driver can result in documents getting lost. Make sure your computer is connected via WiFi or USB cable. Make sure your computer and device or both on the same network.

Lines on Pictures

When you print something expecting smooth colors, it can be disheartening to see a bunch of annoying lines across the page. The issue could be that the ink heads have become clogged, so you will need to clean them out. You may also be low on toner.

Paper Jams

Sometimes all the devices are working fine, and the paper is the problem. Make sure you are never putting paper in the tray that is creased because this will create issues. Additionally, check to see that the paper tray is correctly aligned.

Basic troubleshooting can resolve many of the issues that typically arise when working with a copier or printer. If you would like to save space and resources, it can be wise to invest in a multifunction printer.