Tuesday Tips: Using Tech to Boost Your Office Productivity

Using Tech to Boost Your Office Productivity

Gone are the days when people had to be physically in their offices in order to get any work done. Today’s technology makes it possible to work from home, on a plane, in coffee shops, or wherever you and your phone and/or laptop or tablet happen to be. The result is increased office productivity since work need not be confined to traditional office hours.

Today your multifunction printer can join the tech revolution, too. Xerox has four apps that make your life easier and your productivity soar:

  1. Capture Point
  2. OptimiDoc
  3. Vision-E Voice
  4. Xerox Easy Translator Service

Capture Point lets your printer convert scanned documents into faxes, PDFs and editable Word or Excel files. OptiDoc, another cloud app, scans documents and converts them to digital files. It even extracts the information from your business card and transfers it to a VCF file to let you securely share documents by email.

Vision-E Voice partners with Amazon’s Alexa to let you verbally tell your printer to check your inventory or whatever other function you want it to perform. Xerox Easy Translator Service partners with ABBYY to let your ConnectKey-enabled printer translate documents received from a phone or PC into almost 60 different languages.

Apps are a great way to increase office productivity. But don’t just use them yourself. Make your printer happy by giving it apps, too.