Updates to the Altalink Workplace Assistants

Xerox has long been an industry leader when it comes to multifunction printers. But beyond producing reliable products, Xerox also takes the threat of cyber-attacks very seriously. A new software update to Altalink Workplace Assistants not only helps lock down network security, but improves the user experience with the goal of increasing productivity.

Configuration Watchdog

The star feature of the new, free, downloadable software for Xerox’s Altalink multifunction printers is the Configuration Watchdog. Without external monitoring, it automatically resets critical security settings if changes are made by an unauthorized user. It will also keep a log of the attempt for later action.

IT administrators can monitor up to eight security settings as well, and end-to-end encryption helps keep sensitive document data safe.

Updated Interface

The new software allows more flexibility in customization via a tablet-like interface. The home screen allows the user to rearrange commonly used features and favorite apps. The 1-Touch app is designed to streamline complex processes by learning shortcuts created by the user, based on functions they use frequently. For example, if an employee scans and prints emails often, this can be programmed to be done with a single tap through the 1-Touch App.

Proactive cyber-security measures and an improved user interface set Xerox Altalink multifunction printers apart from other devices!